Our Village A VIEW For Women

Welcome to A VIEW for Women

  • Identify individuals that need the support and fit the criteria from:
  1. –Psychiatric wards
  2. –Halfway houses
  3. –Police stations
  4. –Street dwellings including platforms
  • Legally assume responsibility for each person
  • She is escorted personally to the centre where she is welcomed in a celebratory manner
  • She is given her own clothing, bedding, toiletries, utensils besides being introduced to the others

Meet some of our family



  • Living in the streets near Yuva Bharati Krirangan
  • In filthy condition and had not taken a bath for a month

Is Now..

  • Able to take care of her own personal hygiene
  • Can carry out household chores



  • Confused, Disoriented and was aimlessly wandering
  • Was abandoned by family after she was discharged from a psychiatric unit

Is Now…

  • Employed as the house mother of the establishment
  • A decision maker for daily household issues
  • Learned Quilting and has a regular income from it

Is on very little medication



  • Extremely paranoid
  • Muttering randomly

Is Now…

  • Has gone home
  • Responding well to medication