About A VIEW For Women

Welcome to A VIEW for Women

A VIEW for Women opened in January 2010 with the goal to deliver a new approach to mental health treatment built on a model of integrated services. Here, amidst four acres of lush greenery, rice fields and fish farms near the village of Bererkhal in West Bengal, residents find housing, food, clothing, medical and psychiatric treatment, vocational skills and the support of a community.

Our Process

  • Identify individuals that need the support and fit the criteria from:
  1. – Psychiatric wards
  2. – Halfway houses
  3. – Police stations
  4. – Street dwellings including platforms
  •  Assume responsibility for each person
  • She is escorted personally to the center where she is welcomed in a celebratory manner
  • She is given her own clothing, bedding, toiletries, utensils besides being introduced to the others
  • She is provided medical attention – regular visits by psychiatrists, doctors, nurses and social workers.
  • Provided food, housing, clothing and a safe environment
  • Invited to join leisure activities like music, yoga, drawing/painting, dance, TV, newspapers

She is encouraged to learn:

  • Self care and activities of daily living like cooking, cleaning, showering,
  • Growing their own organic food and vegetables, fishing and duck rearing.
  • Organic composting and pesticide making
  • A marketable skill like small animal husbandry, quilting, sewing, gardening
  • Reading, writing, mathematics and money handling

The process followed is as under:

  • Shift the resident to our “semi-independent living center” as a step to make the journey to her own environment / family
  • Cement the skills and linkages that will help them earn a living by using the acquired skills
  • Become symptom free with regular medication
  • Locate her family and start the process of “going home”. Upon confirmation, family asked to visit, advise the family about her needs.
  • Continue to provide free medication to women who have gone home.
  • Leave a helpline for any kind of support required.

Management Team

Dr. Suchandra Brahma

Jyoti Iyer

Dr. Suman Dasaratharaman

Premasis Brahma

Tapas Kumar Das

We believe community inclusion is the cornerstone of recovery. Every individual is welcomed as a neighbor, friend, co-worker and family member.

Suchandra Brahma, Co-Founder

How to Find Us

Plot No 2203
Berer Khal, P.S. Jibantala, Dist S. 24 Parganas, W. Bengal
Phone No:
Suprokash Chakraborty
A VIEW (A Village for Independent and Enterprising Women)

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